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In construction, there are several types of formwork. These include, on the one hand, timber boarding, which is used, for example, for cladding building facades, and, on the other hand, substructure boarding for shingle roofs.

The most commonly used formwork type is concrete construction formwork. This is a cast mold into which liquid fresh concrete is poured. When building with concrete, this process is essential. After the concrete has hardened, the casting mould is removed. If this is not possible or not necessary, the formwork is said to be lost.

In the past, concrete construction formwork was made individually. Today they are produced industrially and are therefore quickly available in the desired design. Series-produced shell elements are particularly suitable for residential buildings and even more so for commercial buildings. High concrete columns such as bridge piers are also erected with the aid of industrially produced concrete formwork. Even the lost formwork is now a standard product. It is mainly used as slab edge formwork, foundation formwork and floor slab formwork of buildings. Different types of concrete construction formwork are used depending on the construction project. This includes panel formwork, column formwork and climbing formwork.

Application of concrete construction formwork

Concrete that is in a concrete pump, for example, is initially a viscous mass. Concrete formwork is used to give it the shape it should have after curing. These are hollow casting moulds into which liquid concrete is poured.

After the viscous concrete has hardened, the formwork is stripped, provided it is not a lost formwork. When stripping can take place depends on the position of the formwork system, the temperature, the type of load and the type of concrete. The length of the stripping period can be very different. For example, after concreting a road, side formwork can be removed within a few minutes. Supporting formwork of a stripped concrete ceiling, on the other hand, must remain in place for almost a whole month.

Nature of the formwork systems

The components of concrete construction formwork are the formlining and the formwork system with the supporting structure. The formwork skin is the negative form of the finished concrete component. The individual elements of the supporting structure are connected to each other by means of locks and bolts. The type of formwork chosen depends on the properties that the resulting structure is to have. The stability of the formwork system and the stiffness of the concrete formwork are important. These properties ensure that the fresh concrete loads can be carried and that the concrete component can be produced with dimensional accuracy and without undesirable deformations.

The surface finish of the concrete component is determined by the structure of the formlining. By choosing certain formwork systems with a specific steel skin, design requirements for the visible surface can be met.

Formwork systems are divided into stationary formwork and movable special formwork. Movable concrete construction formwork includes climbing formwork and slipforms. According to their materials, a distinction is made between wooden formwork, plastic formwork, aluminium formwork and steel formwork.

Choosing the right concrete construction formwork

Steel formwork is ideally suited for the production of smooth surfaces. They are slightly more expensive than wood formwork and aluminum formwork, but can be used multiple times, while aluminum formwork is ideal for one-time use in home construction.

In order to be able to acquire high-quality concrete construction formwork at a reasonable price, it is possible to buy it second-hand. Used concrete construction formwork is available in the best quality. We grant high discounts on all used formwork systems. We offer top-quality formwork elements for the most popular types of formwork. They are stable, clean, tight and dimensionally accurate. Therefore, they withstand the high pressure when the fresh concrete is placed.

Our used concrete construction formwork is inexpensive, sturdy and durable.


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