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Every building contractor knows what a cost factor formwork, scaffolding or slab props are when they are sometimes tied up on a building site for weeks or months. It is the same with construction machinery and especially cranes, which often have long downtimes until the last work on a construction site has finally been completed.

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We are happy to cover your formwork according to your wishes and requirements either with a new wooden formwork facing or, even better, with a new alkus all-plastic formwork facing. We have a wide range of different formwork systems available for your use.

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Formwork and props
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Whether you are looking to buy used Doka formwork and/or are looking for Doka Eurex props, the items we offer will impress you with their top-quality brands and reliable functionality. Furthermore, we offer our customers used construction cranes, such as a lower slewing crane or upper slewing crane, mobile crane or truck crane. You can also buy sea containers and office containers as well as various special items in all price ranges from us.

Hünnebeck TOPEC - particularly lucrative modular ceiling formwork

With the Hünnebeck TOPEC, slabs can be formed and stripped significantly faster and demonstrably more economically than with conventional systems. The reason for this is that the innovative Hünnebeck modular slab formwork requires only two basic elements (column and panel). Other wall formwork and slab formwork systems as well as various formwork panels, such as an alkus solid plastic panel, are also part of our diverse product range.

Buy used framed formwork Peri Trio or Doka Framax at low prices

Through skilful purchasing of a wide variety of used construction equipment and site furnishings, we always have a wide selection of second-hand formwork as well as new and used construction props, scaffolding and scaffolding parts and construction machinery available.

Are you looking for a special type of product such as a Peri Multiprop aluminium prop or Doka Framax framed formwork at the best possible price?

We know how costly an investment in new props, scaffolding, formwork and other construction machinery and equipment can be. Therefore, we have specialized in the purchase and sale of building props and co. from sought-after well-known manufacturers such as Doka, Peri, Meva, Hünnebeck, NOE, Ischebeck, Paschal, Hägele, Reber and Wendler.

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