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Ischebeck Alu Light Trench Shoring

We offer a complete Ischebeck aluminium lightweight shoring for trenches up to 3m deep.

item no.DesignationQuantity
0130500012Aluminum plank 3.00 x 0.50121
0130500011Aluminium plank 2,00 x 0,5028
0130500010Aluminum plank 1.55 x 0.5018
0130504587Aluminium coupling 0,28m138
0130504590Aluminium coupling 1,35m54
0130504524Duct strut Gi-A/ 60-81174
0130504525Duct strut Gi-A/ 81-1216
0130504526Duct strut Gi-A/ 129-2186
0130500088Standard plug-in bolt Ø13mm700
Box pallet6

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