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Doka Eurex 20 eco props

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We can supply you with the new Doka Eurex 20 eco floor prop in various lengths of 2.50 m, 3.00 m, 3.50 m or 4.00 m.

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As a new tested quality prop, the Eurex 20 eco floor prop is characterised by high load-bearing capacity as well as simple and safe handling, according to the manufacturer.

The new Eurex 20 eco floor props are type-tested according to EN 1065, class B/D. As a free construction support they carry 20 kN (2 t) at each extension length.

According to the general approval of the building authorities, this results in a load-bearing capacity of up to 36.7 kN (3.6 t), depending on the extension length. They thus clearly exceed the required loads according to EN 1065.

When clamped, the support offers a load capacity of min. 30 kN at any extension length. At the same time, it weighs only 11.5 kg with a prop length of 2.50 m.

As with its “big brother”, the Eurex top floor prop, the thread has a special geometry. The nut is also forged instead of cast.

On the one hand, both ensure a reliable hold. On the other hand, the prop can be lowered quickly and easily even under heavy load. The new Eurex 20 eco also has the familiar hole numbering on the draw tube. It is permanently embossed on both sides. This makes it quicker and easier to determine the exact stake-out position. Counting or measuring is not necessary.

The fail-safe device to prevent the pull-out tube from falling out ensures safe use. The same applies to the anti-crush protection for the hands, according to the manufacturer. The Doka support-leg top with swivelling legs makes it easy to set up. Four-way and drop heads, as well as retaining heads for intermediate props, can be connected to the slab props quickly and with high tensile strength via the quick connector.

For a long service life, the new Eurex 20 eco floor prop is hot-dip galvanized inside and out and thus ideally protected against corrosion.

It is available in the lengths 2.50m, 3.00m, 3.50m and 4.00m through us.