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Dokaflex slab tables

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We can offer you the following ceiling tables without obligation.

B405802000Standard ceiling table-1 2.15 x 4.00m34
B405802001Standard ceiling table-2 2.65 x 4.00m35
B405802002Standard Ceiling Table-5 2.15 x 5.0023
B405802003Standard Ceiling Table-6 2.65 x 5.0011
B405802004Edge ceiling table-3 2.15 x 4.00m10
B405802005Edge ceiling table-4 2.65 x 4.00m5
B405802006Edge ceiling table-7 2.15 x 5.00m32
B405802007Edge ceiling table-8 2.65 x 5.00m28
B405809003HT table head87
B408923300Peri transfer wheel 80 (with stick winch)42
B408924200Transfer carriage f. single-sided formwork
compl. with heavy duty rollers
B408924500Peri stripping trolley1
B408924510Stripping cart ASW 465, complete1
B408924550Peri transfer trolley 2 t, L = 2.00 m1
B408926000Lowering wedges 420 – 500KN221
B408926100Lowering wedge 1000KN12

As you have seen in the pictures, the tables are completely redone …

If you are interested, please send us your inquiry.