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Ischebeck aluminium door formwork

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We offer 3 x Ischebeck aluminium door formwork.

These are in good condition and available from stock.



Aluminium door formwork TITAN

for recurring door formwork in stairwells and lift shafts

Conventional door formwork is usually used for only one operation at a time, but for a maximum of 2 to 3 operations. The TITAN aluminium door formwork can withstand at least 100 uses!

Already the saved material consumption fully compensates the monthly rent.

After the initial assembly, the labour cost for the production of the door recesses is about 1/4 of the conventionally required effort.


  • reusable
  • infinitely variable
  • high precision
  • easy to handle
  • rentable

Standard dimensions
– Door widths from 882 to 2342 mm
– Door heights from 2000 to 4010 mm

For standard door opening dimensions

according to DI