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Hägele XT formwork

We offer a lot of used Hägele XT formwork .

There are a total of 1,400 m² incl. Accessories as well as concreting brackets and braces are available.

Some of the elements need to be refurbished and resurfaced.

If you are interested, please send us your inquiry.



The element giants up to 6.5 m²

With their 12 cm wide frame profile, the elements of the XT series reliably withstand a fresh concrete pressure of up to 80 kN/m². The XT series is designed for large-area wall, circular and column formwork for crane offset.

Large-format standard elements, which only require two clamping points at element height, ensure very short shuttering times of approx. 0.4 hrs/m² when using the FEBE quick-clamp. If this is not enough, take the special large area element with the dimensions 240 x 270 cm and form 6.5 m² with only one element.

For work cycles that are repeated more often, wedges and bolts can be used to produce large-surface panel assemblies for rapid relocation. Wedge and bolt do not protrude beyond the element frame, therefore such element assemblies can also be stacked flat on top of each other.

Thanks to extensive series production of various element widths, practically any floor plan can be formed with the standard range. This means for you: no expensive special formwork and no complex accessories!

your benefits

  • 6,5 m² with only one element
  • up to 80 kN fresh concrete pressure!
  • Quickly mountable large area formwork
  • Flexibility due to many element widths
  • Element composite flat stackable
  • can be used vertically and horizontally