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Hünnebeck Topec

We offer a lot with 716 m² used Hünnebeck Topec formwork incl. Accessories on.

This formwork is immediately available from our warehouse.

If you are interested, please send us your inquiry.


Part numberArticle descriptionDescriptionQuantitykgTotal kgTotal m²
465410TopeclagerTOPEC bearing7602,401.824,00
602670TOPEC E board 180 x 60TOPEC Q panel 180 x 606016,931.015,801,0864,80
602668TOPEC E board 180 x 90TOPEC Q panel 180 x 9038022,208.436,001,62615,60
602676TOPEC E compensation panel 90 x 180TOPEC Q adjust panel 90 x 1804025,281.011,200,9036,00
487673Edge bearing NEdge support N1211,70205,70
Total12,492.70 kg716,40 m²