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Combisafe steel mesh barrier system

We can offer you the following used Combisafe steel grid system.

B403633400Steel protective grating 2.50 m Combisafe (railing)422
B403633500Guard-railing post 1102 4-sided Combisafe146
B403633505Guard-railing post 2000 4-sided Combisafe689
B403633510Post extension Combisafe 124570
B403633550Multi-clamp Combisafe (post holder w. crank)26
B403633600Multifoot Combisafe776
B403633650Steel mesh box Combisafe9
B403635210Guard-railing post SGP170
B403636009Screw-on set DW 15 with wing nut117
B403636070Additional piece 2 railing posts Robusta179
B403650025Protecto footrest holder40
B403650035Protecto stair console40

The material is in good used condition and available on request.