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Peri MP 250 + MP 350 + MP 625

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We offer the following Peri Multiprop supports.

17 x Peri MP 250 – NEW
17 x Peri MP 350
444 x Peri MP 625

These are in good used condition , tested and available from stock.

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MULTIPROP props can be used as individual props and – in combination with MULTIPROP frames – as shoring towers or load towers under tables. Compared to tubular steel floor props, the MULTIPROP made of aluminium carries significantly higher loads of 90 kN with a very low dead weight. With different frame lengths, square and rectangular shoring towers can be optimally adapted to site conditions. The frames also serve as decking supports and side protection for working levels.

Reduced number of supports
due to the high permissible leg loads of up to 90 kN

Sophisticated details
with self-cleaning thread, directional adjusting nut and stepless adjustability

Time-saving length adjustment
due to the integrated measuring tape on the inner tube, which directly indicates the total length of the support

Practical wedge connection
for the frame MRK, without any time-consuming screw connections

The lightweight MULTIPROP aluminium floor prop is available in five system lengths. It is mainly used as a single support, for load towers or under tables. Due to its sophisticated patented design, it has a significantly longer service life than tubular steel supports.


  • The MULTIPROP prop is characterised by a high load-bearing capacity with a low dead weight.
  • A built-in measuring tape allows for precise presetting of the support without time-consuming measuring.
  • The self-cleaning thread and the robust quick-twist nut make it easy to adjust the prop length. For quick and safe operation, the inner tube is unlocked and pulled out at the touch of a finger – without the need to reposition any bolts.
  • The drop-out protection prevents the inner tube from slipping out unintentionally during transport.
  • The built-in hand pinch protection minimizes the risk of injury.

The aluminium ceiling props can be used individually or connected to frames as tables or load towers. The support consists of an outer and inner tube of the same geometry but of different sizes: the corners of the square cross-section are constricted and, despite different dimensions, allow the same clamping wedge connection clamps of the ‘Multiprop’ frame to be connected.

The adjusting thread is stamped into the edges of the inner profile and is cut free again by the nut even if the thread is extremely dirty.

For this purpose, the adjusting nut can be operated with a tension rod as a lever.

A fixed measuring tape on the inner tube enables precise presetting without time-consuming measuring.

Each column can support a maximum of 90 kN.


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