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Peri MP 480

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We offer 470 x Peri MP 480 in good used condition.

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The lightweight MULTIPROP aluminium floor prop is available in five system lengths. It is mainly used as a single support, for load towers or under tables. Due to its sophisticated patented design, it has a significantly longer service life than tubular steel supports.


  • The MULTIPROP prop is characterised by a high load capacity of up to 91 kN with a low dead weight.
  • A built-in measuring tape allows for precise presetting of the support without time-consuming measuring.
  • The self-cleaning thread and the robust quick-twist nut make it easy to adjust the prop length. For quick and safe operation, the inner tube is unlocked and pulled out at the touch of a finger – without the need to reposition any bolts.
  • The drop-out protection prevents the inner tube from slipping out unintentionally during transport.
  • The built-in hand pinch protection minimizes the risk of injury.