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Rolling scaffold cluster


We offer rolling scaffolds from the manufacturer Cluster

These are new and immediately available from stock.

Part numberArticle descriptionQuantity
9.501.200.0128-rung frame, narrow 2.00 x 0.70 m10
9.501.200.122Railing frame, narrow 1.00 x 0.70 m4
9.501.200.030Horizontal 2,50 m18
9.501.200.056Diagonal 2.50 m Rungs 1-710
9.501.200.052Horizontal/diagonal 2.50 x 0.70 m2
9.501.310.025Access platform 2.50 m5
9.501.510.050Plastic swivel castor with spindle 750 kg8
9.501.410.162Spring clip20
9.501.200.080Longitudinal toe board 2.50 m4
9.501.200.092Toe board 0.70 m4
9.501.800.087Toe board holder – Yellow8
9.501.420.100Boom adjustable – large8
9.501.200.0224-rung frame 1.0 x 0.7 M2
9.501.200.0262-rung frame 0.5 x 0.7 M2

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