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Hünnebeck Manto with new wooden shell skin

We offer a lot of used Hünnebeck Manto formwork with new wooden formlining.

There are 738m² available.

If you are interested, please send us your inquiry.



Part numberArticle descriptionDescriptionQuantity
534990MANTO large board 240 x 270MANTO giant panel 240 x 27050
446000MANTO board 120 x 270MANTO panel 120 x 27026
446022MANTO board 105 x 270MANTO panel 105 x 27022
446033MANTO board 90 x 270MANTO panel 90 x 27048
446044MANTO board 75 x 270MANTO panel 75 x 27035
446055MANTO board 60 x 270MANTO panel 60 x 27028
450786MANTO board 45 x 270MANTO panel 45 x 27014
454340MANTO VZ board 75 x 270MANTO MP panel 75 x 2701
535001MANTO inside corner 35/270MANTO inside corner 35/27016