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4,511 m² - used Hünnebeck Topec with Ecoply forming face

We offer a lot of used Hünnebeck Topec modular slab formwork with Ecoply formlining.

Part numberArticle descriptionDescriptionQuantity
565434Aluminium mounting rod 365TOPEC alu errection rod 3658
487890Compensating beam 180TOPEC adjustment beam 18083
487880Compensation carrier 90TOPEC adjustment beam 9075
448628Railing connection SRailing post base joint S120
422558Headstock shoeTOPEC head support shoe143
487673Edge bearing NEdge support N1030
602676TOPEC E compensation panel 90 x 180TOPEC Q adjust panel 90 x 180130
602677TOPEC E compensation panel 90 x 90TOPEC Q adjust panel 90 x 906
602667TOPEC E large panel 180 x 180TOPEC Q panel 180 x 180529
TOPEC E board 180 x 30TOPEC E board 180 x 3040
602671TOPEC E board 180 x 45TOPEC Q panel 180 x 45152
602670TOPEC E board 180 x 60TOPEC Q panel 180 x 60171
602669TOPEC E board 180 x 75TOPEC Q panel 180 x 75110
602668TOPEC E board 180 x 90TOPEC Q panel 180 x 901300
TOPEC E board 90 x 30TOPEC Q panel 90 x 3023
602675TOPEC E board 90 x 45TOPEC Q panel 90 x 4537
452693Support fuseTOPEC prop retainer200
602674TOPEC E board 90 x 60TOPEC Q panel 90 x 6029
602673TOPEC E board 90 x 75TOPEC Q panel 90 x 7526
602672TOPEC E board 90 x 90TOPEC Q panel 90 x 9049
496220Railing bearingTOPEC bearing for railing40
602120TOPEC drop headTOPEC drop head0
588474TOPEC handrail shoeTOPEC railing shoe96
465410TopeclagerTOPEC bearing2989
492806TOPEC cross beamTOPEC transverse beam186

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With Hünnebeck TOPEC modular slab formwork, forming and striking slabs is much faster and demonstrably more economical than with conventional slab formwork systems. Because the TOPEC system consists of only two basic parts – panels and supports, optionally with a drop head.

With just a few steps you get perfect results.