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Hünnebeck Topec yellow with wooden shell skin

We offer refurbished Hünnebeck Topec modular slab formwork with new wooden formlining.

We can deliver the formwork in your colours as well as you can choose your formwork skin,

between wooden formwork skin 10mm WB 240g/240gr or the ALKUS solid plastic board.

Topec slab formwork enables you to achieve very fast shuttering times with a high degree of safety by shuttering and striking from the ground.

  1. Safe assembly + disassembly from the ground with a maximum of 2 persons up to a height of 3.50 m
  2. Fast forming due to the large panel 180 x 180 with 3.24 m² forming area
  3. Lightweight aluminium frame construction with 14 cm high frame profile
  4. Very good adaptability due to extensive panel sizes as well as compensating panels
  5. Beamless modular slab formwork with Topec panel, Topec bearing and slab props.optional 20KN or 30KN


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