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used cogeneration plant


Specification aggregate machine set

Generator flanged to engine with REICH heavy-duty coupling; engine-generator-unit mounted on torsion-resistant steel base frame; ladder frame with under-slung oil collecting pan elastically mounted on the floor with oscillating metals. Oil electric pump for clean oil change Starter with battery start; cooling water preheater 2 KW with adjustable thermostat.

Continuous output200 KVA / 160 KW according to DIN A unrestricted 24h/d
Speed1500 upm/P-degree 1%
Engine make/typeMAN D 2866 LE201
Version6 cylinder turbo diesel intercooling in air
Continuous power, COP290 KW according to DIN 6271 A /ISO 3046/1
Cubic capacity12 liters
Fuel consumptionDiesel : 195g / KWh mech. = 0.24 l according to DIN ISO 3046/1
PÖ 228g / KWh mech. = 0,26 l with calorific value 10,3 KWh/kg
Vegetable oil consumption el. per hour approx. 40 l with calorific value 10.3 KWh/kg
RestrictionVegetable oil has a non-usable energy content, depending on the quality or suitability, consumption can increase!
Injection systemHigh pressure injection, electronic control
Specific fuel consumption2.28 Kwh th/ Kwh mech.
Energy input for 160 KW el384 KW = Fire heat output FWL
Energy in the cooling waterapprox. 65 KW
Energy in the exhaust gas(160°C)approx. 80 KW (with clean exhaust gas exchanger)
Usable thermal energyapprox. 145 KW
Heating circuitQ=8.5 m³ / V/L 60/80°C
Efficiency electrical41,6 %
Thermal efficiency38,5 %
Total efficiency80,2 %
Electricity ratioeta el. / eta th. = 1,08

Engine oil drain with electric pump and connection hose; PT-100 thermal sensor for PLC connection integrated in cylinder head.

Sensors/ActuatorsWater temperature switch; oil pressure switch; oil pressure sensor; charge pressure control charge air temperature, low water sensor engine and heating circuit starter auxiliary relay; contamination indicator for the air filters

Active frequency control in isolated operation, power control in mains parallel operation.

MakeStamford 1 bearing generator
Power225 KVA / 180 KW at cos.phi 0,8
Voltage/Frequency400/231 V electr.regulated 50 Hertz
Voltage constancy+/- 1%
Efficiency95.5 % at Cos-Phi=1 / 75 % load factor
Radio interference suppression levelN according to VDE 0875

Execution acc. VDE 0530/BSS 5000 for 40 degrees ambient temperature; h below 1000m NN; heavy duty design with high rotor moment of inertia; mains paralleling capability; thermal sensors integrated in the winding with tripping device in the switchgear Brushless design;self-excitation;self-synchronising;tropical insulation; intake air filter

Minimum space required for the module2,5 x 5 m
Mounting scopeaccording to agreement/offer sheet



To be given against bid.