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Laser marking system for tyres

The world’s first dual-head laser marker for light and heavy truck tires from 17.5 to 24 inches. Freestanding version for use in tyre stores, where the tyres are simply rolled up,
marked and then rolled away on the other side.

The outstanding feature of both laser marking machines from NeroForce is the dualCO2 RF laser systems, which laser an excellent and clear image onto the tire walls with a high electro-optical conversion rate. The lasers are designed in such a way that both tire sidewalls can be marked in one pass, which in practice leads to significant time savings. Originating in the USA, these extremely powerful lasers use a fiber grating instead of a conventional resonator and are known for their low failure rate and longevity (up to 100,000 hours).



Features and performance details of the opto-electronic components:
The optical components of the NeroForce laser marker machine for truck tyres are
Market leaders in the United States imported and consist of:

– Two US-made CO2 RF lasers with high electro-optical conversion rates
– High speed scan mirror
– High precision assembly line
– Fibre grating instead of a conventional resonator
These components guarantee:
– Excellent beam quality
– Smaller focus point
– Better processing quality
– Low failure rate and long service life up to 100,000 hours

Main mechanical components and features:
– Roll-up and roll-off frame (NF-LM1500SA)
– Liftable frame (LM-1600MR)
– Horizontal laser aligner for symmetrical approach of both lasers to both
Tyre sidewalls
– Individually adjustable vertical supports for vertical height adjustment of both lasers
Frame materials and accessories:
– The materials of the base, bridge, clamping plate and other constructions are made of high-quality
Carbon steel made
– Screws and roller